Woodpeckers in-Dexable Centre Finder Head Only + Rack-It

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    Woodpeckers in-Dexable Centre Finder Head Only + Rack-It ICFHOM

    Welcome to the in-DEXABLE Family

    This product is part of the in-DEXABLE family, and is able to be paired with the: in-DEXABLE Blades and used in combination with the Combination Square Head, Double Square Head and Protractor Head.

    Woodpeckers built features into the in-DEXABLE Combination Squares that you won’t find in any other combination square. Features like laser-accurate scribing guides, positive indexing at every full inch, a sliding head support and accurate, laser-engraved scales.

    Centering Head: Find the Centre of any Round or Square Stock

    The Centering Head holds the blade at a 45° angle relative to machined 90° surfaces. Marking the two diagonals of a square locates centre. It’s even easier to find the centre of a circle. Just hold the Centering Head against the circle in any two different spots and strike a line across the diameter. The intersection is the dead-centre of your circle. Opposite the 90° centring guides, the back side of the Centering Head locks in with the indexing feature so you can scribe without changing heads. 

    The Rack-It is a handy storage mount designed keep your Woodpeckers tools neatly wall-mounted for easy access.

    Like all Woodpeckers products, all items in the in-DEXABLE range are precisely machined and carefully inspected in Woodpecker’s Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland).

    Please note: although products are metric, the photos may depict imperial versions. 

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