Whittle Waxes Teak Oil

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    Whittle Waxes Teak Oil

    For beautiful, weatherproof interior and exterior timber.

    Whittle Waxes Teak Oil is a natural wood preservative made of resilient, micro fine, weather-resistant, water-soluble resins. It contains pigments, which effectively block UV rays and protect timber from damage.

    The benefits are high UV protection, open pored finish that is moisture-regulating-non-flammable and ecologically sound.

    Paired with the cleaner that is an environmentally-friendly cleaning concentrate, specially developed for teak and similar woods, to clean soiling, algae formation, greying, grease and oil - all common issues found with outdoor teak and other timber furniture.

    1.0L Bottle
    $59.00 (inc GST)
    2.5L Bottle
    $161.00 (inc GST)

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