Torquata Triple-Blade Dual Bearing Flush Trimming Router Bits

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    Torquata Triple-Blade Dual Bearing Flush Trimming Router Bits

    Heavy-Duty Flush Trim Bits are the ultimate router trimmers. Perfect for removing excess material once timber or laminates have been jointed, or for duplicating the same pattern when used in conjunction with a master template across multiple work pieces. 

    Available in 2 different lengths. Please select your option from the drop-down menu.

    We are pleased to introduce the world’s first triple-blade downshear flush trim bits. Coming in at 22.2mm diameter, they are designed to provide the ultimate finish on all materials with minimal chatter due to the bit body absorbing most vibration.

    Due to the extra blade, there are 50% more cuts per, creating the smoother, cleaner result as well as staying sharper for 50% longer than standard flush trim bits. As the blades are downshear, one blade stays in contact with the workpiece for virtually the whole time, coming close to performing like a spiral bit for a fraction of the cost.

    These flush trimming bits have both bottom and top bearing guides for easier use in just about any trimming application, whether you need to locate your template top or bottom on the workpiece. Trimming from a template can cause tearout when the template involves multiple curves or when the grain in the workpiece reverses. Dual-bearing trim bits solve this tricky problem. Simply flip the template and workpiece over and adjust the cut depth so that the other bearing is following the template. You are now cutting in the opposite direction without having to change bits. 

    Who is Torquata

    Torquata is your economical entry into precision routing. All Torquata router bits are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Order your Torquata routing bits today.


    Flush Trim Router Bit (1in) FTHD-22-BH
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    Flush Trim Router Bit (2in) FTHD-22-XBH
    $63.90 February Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $79.90

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