Torquata Tongue & Groove Router Bit 12mm Set

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    Torquata Tongue & Groove Router Bit 12mm Set TGSET-120-BH


    Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

    We get regular requests from customers for a tongue & groove set to suit thinner materials and we've developed this set specifically to satisfy these requests. We can't find a set like this in any other range in the world so we're going to claim it as a world-exclusive! Customers have asked and we've delivered! 

    Matching 4mm cutters with a 4mm bearing means this set is well suited for materials 9-12mm thick. With one bit for cutting the tongue and the other perfectly matched to cut the groove you can get paired work pieces perfectly lining up every time.

    Available in 1/2in shank only.

    $129.90 (inc GST)

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