Torquata Spiral Compression Router Bits

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    Torquata Spiral Compression Router Bits

    1/4in & 1/2in Shank Spiral Compression Bits

    Be sure to watch the video above for the full rundown of these incredible, hard working router bits...

    Compression spiral bits are designed with both up and downcut chip ejection, providing an excellent finish on both the upper and the lower side of the workpiece.

    Due to their spiral cutting edge which stays in continuous contact with the workpiece, these bits give a smooth, chatter-free cutting action, unlike conventional bits which have intermittent contact with the workpiece. Unsurpassed for cleaner cuts in ordinary or difficult materials, softwood, hardwood, plywood, composites etc. 

    A special carbide formulation was created to produce and hold a keen cutting edge. The new low-angle spiral is designed specifically to shear wood cleanly and provide efficient chip ejection. The tools run cooler and the edges last longer.

    1/4in shank spiral compression bit 6.4mm diameter

    Product Code Shank Size (S) Cutting Diameter (D)  Cutting Length Metric (I) Cutting Length Imp'l (I) Cutting Length Metric (I1) Cutting Length Imp'l (I1) Overall Length (L)
    SCC-064-Q 1/4in 6.4 22.2 7/8in 7.9 5/16in 63.5
    SCC-095-T 3/8in 9.5 22.2 7/8in 4.8 3/16in 76.2
    SCC-127-H 1/2in 12.7 22.2 7/8in 5.2 13/64in 76.2
    SCC-127-MH 1/2in 12.7 28.6 1 1/8in 15.9 5/8in 76.2
    SCC-127-LH 1/2in 12.7 34.9 1 3/8in 5.2 13/64in 88.9
    SCC-127-XH 1/2in 12.7 42.5 1 5/8in 15.9 5/8in 101.2
    Router Bit SCC-064-Q
    $43.50 (inc GST)
    Router Bit SCC-095-T
    $109.90 (inc GST)
    Router Bit SCC-127-H
    $130.00 (inc GST)
    Router Bit SCC-127-MH
    $130.00 (inc GST)
    Router Bit SCC-127-LH
    $149.00 (inc GST)
    Router Bit SCC-127-XH
    $149.00 (inc GST)

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