Torquata Small Workpiece Jig for Router Table Joinery

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    Torquata Small Workpiece Jig for Router Table Joinery TQ-19356

    Keeping your fingers attached to your hands.

    It's important if you want to keep woodworking. But when you put small parts on the router table, it can feel like you have to put your fingers too close to the spinning bit for comfort.

    Torquata’s solution to the problem of finger retention is their ingenious Small Workpiece Jig. It holds smaller parts securely and allows you to manoeuvre them across the work surface with your hands safely out of harm’s way. Perfect for router table users who regularly machine small parts.

    Large openings in the tabletop and fence can allow small parts to catch or dip. This spoils the cut and can be very dangerous for the operator. The Torquata Small Workpiece Jig keeps your fingers out of harm's way and securely holds your smallest workpieces while you machine them, delivering accurate cuts in safety. Two comfortable handles give you complete control over your workpiece. Perfect for coping the short rail ends on very narrow doors, and for small projects of all kinds. It also features handy height adjustment levers, fixed with brass knobs, to keep thinner stock held firmly in the jig. 

    The holding jaws of this jig are 86mm wide and it can take stock with a maximum width of 172mm. 

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