Torquata Router Bit Bearing Kit

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    Torquata Router Bit Bearing Kit BEAR-080-KIT

    Phenomenal value - a router bearing set for the slot cutters among us

    Router-aficionados, we all know you can never have enough router bearings - and now we're now offering an incredible set with 8.0mm interior diameters to give you the most flexibility with cutting depths on slot cutters as possible.

    Why Torquata Router Bearing Sets?

    Torquata have forged a reputation for sterling router bits and bearings, providing one of the largest ranges and highest quality array of routing accessories on the market. Made from high-quality steel, these bearings are built to last and offer true, reliable performance.

    8mm Kit Includes:

    •     BEAR-10    Router bit bearing OD = 24.0 ID = 8.0   
    •     BEAR-16    Router bit bearing OD = 22.2 ID = 8.0  
    •     BEAR-23    Router bit bearing OD = 34.9 ID = 8.0  
    •     BEAR-17    Router bit bearing OD = 29.2 ID = 8.0   
    •     BEAR-21    Router bit bearing OD = 30.4 ID = 8.0   
    •     BEAR-22    Router bit bearing OD = 31.8 ID = 8.0   
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