Torquata Quick Release Cam Lever Clamps

  • Torquata Quick Release Cam Lever Clamps

    Torquata Quick Lever Clamps 

    Torquata's range of Quick Lever Clamps are OE manufactured by a specialist clamp designer and manufacturer to the world's highest clamping specifications. Each has a die-cast aluminium alloy body that will stand the test of time in even the toughest workshop conditions - we regularly use these quick-levers in our own workshops under the harshest force we can put them through and we've never had an issue.

    Each one is specifically tested by Australian woodworkers to ensure only the highest quality clamps are marketed under the Torquata name, a West Australian brand with a sterling reputation throughout the country. The I-Beam carbon steel bar is a highlight, with maximum rigidity that reminds of clamps of old. With over 200 kilograms of clamping pressure, you will never have a workpiece wriggle under the clamping pressure of a Torquata Quick Lever.

    Clamp Quick Action Lever 150mm Each Features

    • Die-cast aluminium alloy body with forged steel locking components for light weight without sacrificing strength and durability
    • Drawn I-beam carbon steel bar will not flex
    • TPR grip pads increase friction to hold it in place when tensioning clamp and will not mark work piece
    • Jaw depth of 90mm
    • Maximum clamping pressure up to 440lbs (200kg)
    • Unique lever makes it easy to apply maximum clamping pressure
    • Locking mechanism makes it quick to clamp and easy to release
    • Manufactured to OE specifications for a lifetime of enjoyable use

    A mechanical advantage: buy a kit of 4 and save 15% off RRP

    In addition to the great package deal we run on these clamps, benefit of our close relationship with the manufacturers, we also specified the high-quality clamping mechanism, which works on a quick-action system that makes it extremely easy to apply and release full pressure. This, in conduit with the clamp's ergonomically designed handle, allows a stress-free, easily repetitious clamping workstation.

    150mm Capacity Each
    $44.90 (inc GST)
    150mm Capacity Pack of 4
    $159.90 (inc GST)
    300mm Capacity Each
    $49.90 (inc GST)
    300mm Capacity Pack of 4
    $179.90 (inc GST)

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