Torquata Power Tool Guide Wide Jaw Kit

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    Torquata Power Tool Guide Wide Jaw Kit PTGWJK

    The Torquata Power Tool Guide (PTG) Wide Jaw Kit increases the gripping surface of the Quick Clamp holding pads. Use this accessory to increase the versatility of your guide clamp. A nice upgrade for woodworkers working with larger pieces of material. Great for those working with soft materials.

    Supplied as a pack of two. More clamping surface area means clamping stability and power. Perfect for when working with wide or thick stock. Reduces marring on softer materials. The wide jaws fit securely to the PTG Quick Clamp heads and are fixed in position by two screws that are included in the kit.

    Key Features

    • Increased surface area, great for wide or thick stock
    • Reduces marring on soft materials
    • Tough durable reinforced moulding
    • Easy installation
    • Supplied as a pack of two, fixing screws included

    How does it work?

    The Wide Jaws simple slip onto the existing heads of your PTG Quick Clamp. Fix in position with the supplied screws.

    Why do I need this?

    Attaching the Wide Jaws to your PTG Quick Clamp increases the surface area of your clamping heads. Great when working with large sections of material or softwoods.

    A Complete System

    The Torquata PTG Quick Clamp and its range of accessories are a complete system designed to enhance your woodworking. Review the whole range products available on the “A Complete System” tab.

    100% made in Taiwan

    Your Torquata PTG Quick Clamp and accessories are 100% made in Taiwan. Equipment built in Taiwan is of the highest standard and the go-to choice for premium woodworking brands around the world.

    The Torquata Power Guide offers you as complete system. Check out this range of options for you to create the most versatile of workshop assistants.

    Power Tool Guide (PTG) Quick Clamp - 24in PTG-24-T, 50in PTG-50-T

    The PTG Quick clamp is the heart of this system. Available in two sizes, 24in (610mm) and 50in (1270mm). Choose your preferred option from the dropdown menu above.

    Power Tool Guide Traveller - PTGPTT

    Cut smooth, straight, clean lines with the PTG Traveller base plate fixed to your circular saw or router. The Traveller then attaches directly to your PTG Quick Clamp. You can leave the Traveller attached to your power tool for free hand cutting.

    Power Tool Guide Handle Extender - PTGHE            

    The 180mm long handle extender fits to the Quick Clamp fixing handle. This extension gives you better leverage to operate the clamp when more clamping pressure is required.

    Power Tool Guide 90 Degree Head – PTG-90-D

    Turn your PTG Quick Clamp into a T-square. The 90 Degree head fixes around the Quick Clamp’s fixed clamp head. Attaching the 90 Degree head greatly reduces the time taken to set up a square crosscut and turns the guide clamp into a large square for marking out.

    Power Tool Guide Wide Jaw Kit - PTG-WJK

    More clamping surface area means clamping stability and power. Great for wide or thick stock, reduces marring on soft materials. The wide jaws fit securely to the Quick Clamp head fixed by two wood screws that are included in the kit.

    Power Tool Guide Back-To-Back Connector Kit – PTGB-2-B

    These adaptors join two PTG Quick Clamps back-to-back. This creates a holding device to grip panels of sheet material across the top of your bench. The lower clamp grips your bench, while the upper clamp holds the workpiece. Adaptors supplied as a pack of 8.

    Power Tool Guide Side-To-Side Connector Kit - PTGS-2-S

    Attach any two PTG Quick Clamps to create your own wide body back-to-back clamp. Secure the bottom clamp to the bench, secure your piece with the top clamp and you are ready to work. Sanding, gluing and routing are made much easier.

    Power Tool Guide Hardware Kit - PTGHWK

    Use this hardware kit to build your own custom jigs and fixtures for your PTG Quick Grip clamp. Designed primarily to work in the T-slot of the clamp.



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