Torquata Power Tool Guide Traveller - Rail Only

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    Torquata Power Tool Guide Traveller - Rail Only PTGTR

    The Torquata Power Tool Guide (PTG) Traveller Rail is the ultimate accessory for your PTG Quick Clamp. Cut smooth, straight, clean lines with the PTG Traveller Rail fixed to your circular saw or router. An essential tool for the enthusiast or professional woodworker alike.

    Machining straight cuts using a straight edge is not hard. Yet having to constantly check your setup using an engineer’s square or measuring tape can be time consuming. It can also be the source of inaccuracies and errors. Also, running your saw or router along the straight edge can be risky. How many times has the grain taken over and resulted in a less than perfect cut? Forget both these problems. You need a purpose made guide that with an incorporated traveller that is easy to use, quick to set up and ensures perfect results every time. Welcome the Torquata PTG with Quick Clamp Power Tool Traveller Rail.

    Create Custom Bases

    The PTG Traveller Rail contains all the hardware you need to create a custom base for your circular saw or router and connect it to the PTG Quick Clamp.

    Cut Straighter

    The aluminium rail fits snugly into the t-track in the PTG Quick Clamp, preventing twisting or lifting in the cut.  

    A Complete System

    The Torquata PTG Quick Clamp and its range of accessories are a complete system designed to enhance your woodworking. Review the whole range products available on the “A Complete System” tab.

    100% made in Taiwan

    Your Torquata PTG Quick Clamp and accessories are 100% made in Taiwan. Equipment built in Taiwan is of the highest standard and the go-to choice for premium woodworking brands around the world.

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