Torquata Mitre Sled & Clamp Set

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    Torquata Mitre Sled & Clamp Set TQ-19363

    Achieve Perfect 45 Degree Mitres Every Time

    There’s no adjustment or setup needed with the Torquata Mitre Sled & Clamp Set. Simply clamp your stock to the sled and run the sled along the mitre track in your saw or router table.

    The high-grade anodised aluminium body is guaranteed straight and square and will outlast cheaper plastic jigs by a large margin. It can also be easily drilled to add extended fences and stops. The spreading nylon washers on the 19mm mitre slider give you a perfect fit regardless of the small variations in mitre tracks, delivering smooth, accurate cuts every time. With a generous maximum stock thickness of 60mm, making the Torquata Mitre Sled & Clamp Set the perfect jig for smaller framing and box-making tasks of all kinds.

    $89.90 (inc GST)

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