Torquata Live Centre Set

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    Torquata Live Centre Set LCSET-1

    A great way of getting multiple live centre applications in one simple kit.

    Available with a 70.5mm long #2MT shaft, the main bearing housing is approximately 53.5mm long, with triple-stacked 35mm OD bearings mounted in the 44mm OD bright tool steel housing. The triple-stacked bearings mean that it can handle incredible weights - more than what's needed in most turning applications. The centre is also hollow (approximately 10.5mm) for deep boring applications.

    It comes with three standard points - 

    1. A 60° cone centre that measures 18mm at its widest point.
    2. A cup centre that measures 14mm at the smallest edge of the cup with a generous 5mm depth. The removable centre protrudes about 3.5mm from the rim of the cup.
    3. A fine centre point that measures about 6.3mm diameter at its widest point. This adds approximartely 28.6mm to the length of the centre

    It also comes with a threaded adapter spigot to mount the large cone attachment. The threaded adapter has three functions - mounting custom support pieces, a miniature internal cone for small turnings and an internal support piece for small bowls.

    The large cone attachment is designed for supporting work pieces that are larger in diameter that are being gripped by a scroll chuck or face plate at the other end and will reduce the load off the headstock end. It has a useable supporting diameter from 18 - 45mm. The maximum diameter is approximately 50mm so this will give you a margin of safety supporting the work pieces. 

    It also comes with the knockout bar to quickly change applications as well as the handy storage case as shown.  

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