Torquata Face Moulding Router Bit Set

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    Torquata Face Moulding Router Bit Set FMSET-07-H

    A router bit set for face moulding and impressive door frames.

    For the greatest freedom of choice of face moulding bits in the Australian market today for a great price, you can't go past this face moulding set. A great set to have virtually every decorative profile on hand at all times.

    The set includes the seven common face moulding bits. FM-05-BH and FM-08-BH can be purchased individually.

    All bits are made to Torquata's high level of manufacturing, and are supplied in a protective wooden box.

    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Depth
    Cutting Depth
    Cutting Height
    Cutting Height
    Overall Length
    FM-01-BH 1/2in 4.8 3/16in 41.3 1 5/8in 90.5
    FM-02-BH 1/2in 4.8 3/16in 34.9 1 3/8in 85.7
    FM-03-BH 1/2in 7.9 5/16in 38.1 1 1/2in 87.3
    FM-04-BH 1/2in 15.9 5/8in 28.6 1 1/8in 53.6
    FM-05-BH 1/2in 4.8 3/16in 41.3 1 5/8in 90.5
    FM-06-BH 1/2in 12.7 1/2in 38.1 1 1/2in 87.7
    FM-08-BH 1/2in 6.4 1/4in 44.5 1 3/4in 90.5


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