Torquata Dovetail Router Bit Set - Set of 8 - 1/2in Shank

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    Torquata Dovetail Router Bit Set - Set of 8 - 1/2in Shank DTRBSET-8-H

    Whether it be for jointing or cutting dovetails for jigs and clamps. This kit has you covered.

    Dovetail bits are primarily used in conjunction with a range of dovetail jigs commonly available. They can also be used for cutting a trench and matching profile on timber to create sliding shelves in carcass construction.

    This kit includes 6 dovetail bits and 2 straight cut bits to cut dovetails in a number of sizes and angles.

    Unlike some brands, all bits in the set are identical in quality to the individual bits so buying this set represents one of the most cost-effective ways of getting started.

    All bits are made to Torquata's high level of manufacturing. Supplied in a protective wooden box.

    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Angle Cutting Diameter
    Cutting Diameter
    Cutting Height
    Overall Length
    DT-064-H 1/2in 7.5° 6.4 1/4in 7.9 63.5
    DT-079-H 1/2in 7.9 5/16in 9.5 63.5
    DT-095-H 1/2in 9.5 3/8in 9.5 39.7
    DT-127-H 1/2in 14° 12.7 1/2in 12.7 54.0
    DT-159-H 1/2in 15.9 5/8in 22.2 54.0
    DT-190-H 1/2in 19.0 3/4in 22.2 63.5
    SE-064-H 1/2in Straight 6.4 1/4in 25.4 67.9
    SE-095-H 1/2in Straight 9.5 3/8in 25.4 67.9
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