Torquata Chamfer Router Bit Set - Set of 5 - 1/2in Shank

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    Torquata Chamfer Router Bit Set - Set of 5 - 1/2in Shank CHRBSET-5-H

    It is a known fact that everything looks better with a chamfer on it.

    Though no peer reviewed studies have been done of this, our anecdotal evidence shows that chamfers are awesome.

    This kit from Torquata is your all in one kit. The five bits cover the most common chamfer angles from 11 to 45 degrees, this kit will give you the ability to rout a chamfer on any workpiece.

    The amount of timber removed can be adjusted by changing the height of the bit, allowing a variety of profiles can be created. Take the sharp edge off a piece of timber or chamfer the entire height of the work piece.

    Unlike some brands, all bits in the set are identical in quality to the individual bits so buying this set represents one of the most cost-effective ways of getting started. All bits are made to Torquata's high level of manufacturing and are supplied in a protective wooden box.


    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Angle

    Cutting Depth

    Cutting Height
    Overall Length
    CH-2211-BH 1/2in 11.25 deg. 3.9 23.5mm 71.5mm
    CH-2545-BH 1/2in 45 deg. 14.3mm 19.0mm 65.1mm
    CH-2215-BH 1/2in 15 deg. 6.4mm 22.2mm 71.5mm
    CH-2222-BH 1/2in 22.5 deg. 9.5mm 22.2mm 71.5mm
    CH-2230-BH 1/2in 30 deg. 12.7mm 22.2mm 71.5mm
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