Torquata Brass Workbench Bench Dogs 2 Pack

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    Torquata Brass Workbench Bench Dogs 2 Pack

    Upgrade your workbench with Torquata Brass Bench Dogs

    Every picture you see of a workbench is undoubtedly accented with brass bench dogs. Well, now your bench can also, without having to break the bank on bougie branded dogs.

    Torquata Brass Bench Dogs are manufactured to fit a 3/4"-diameter hole and have a 2° negative, crosshatched face to ensure your workpiece “stays put.” Strong spring steel tension wire provides the friction necessary to keep the dog in place while permitting easy removal and placement in any 3/4" hole. Available to two sizes to choose from please select your desired length from the drop-down.




    • Dogs fit 3/4" holes
    • Made from high-quality brass
    • Heavy spring steel tension wire to maintain position
    Short - 41mm
    $24.90 New Product! (inc GST)
    RRP: $29.89
    Long - 92mm
    $37.90 New Product! (inc GST)
    RRP: $44.90

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