Torquata Aluminium T Track Fence Mount Bracket

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    Torquata Aluminium T Track Fence Mount Bracket TTSTOP-5

    High-quality aluminium mount bracket for T Track Fences

    Available separately and sold individually to suit the T-Track Fence is this fence bracket. It measures 29mm x 76mm x 53mm (H x W x D).

    The holes allow you to adapt your own sub-fences (including shop-made curved fences) as required, so it can be especially handy for speciality fixturing work.

    Another use is as a general broad t-track stop in a table. The face is relieved so if your work piece so it will create downward pressure on thick work pieces.

    T-Track Stop Suits TTF-3610 Fence Each

    If you want a smooth, non-marring surface to stop again, mount a strip of standard t-track or screw some timber to one or two of these and you can use it as a simple floating long stop.

    $19.90 (inc GST)

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