Torquata Steel Flip Stop for T-Track Fences Low Profile

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    Torquata Steel Flip Stop for T-Track Fences Low Profile TTSTOP-7

    Torquata's T Track Fence Flip Position Stops are a new and improved innovation

    Building on the Australian brand's history of producing the country's best, highly popular T Track lengths, extension kits and other similar high-quality aluminium measuring and marking gear, comes the Fence Flip Position Stop. These stops could not be any easier to use, simply slide along the universal t track design, choose your position and flip the highly durable stop for an exact measurement.

    Common flip stop problems have been carefully worked around in the design of these little gems. While many manufacturers build flip stops that simply won't stay put - largely due to problems with the pivot bolt - and fail to sit flush in the track, the high-quality hardware - take a look at the photos for yourself - and carefully machined design means that you won't be disappointed by the kind of sub-par flip stops that come as accessories on some other machinery.

    Perfect for machines used to work on wood, metal and plastics, including any kind of table saws, drop saws, spindle moulders, drill presses, routers or guillotines.

    Flip Fence Stop Features

    • High quality steel construction
    • Ideal for precision work
    • Hard-wearing flip mechanism
    • Designed by a trusted woodworking specialist 
    • Flip and forget, easy to reposition
    • Measure, cut and drill exactly at the flick of your wrist
    • Very durable, easy to manoeuvre screw mechanism

    These flip stops make highly-repeatable cuts an absolute breeze

    The universal design and high-quality steel construction means they're a cut above any other fence flip stop on the market at this price point, with a specially formulated design ensuring the stop always clamps flush into your fence, while simultaneously sitting neatly parallel to the track itself. The flip mechanism is one of the highest quality we've seen in flip stops and it has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

    The Flip Stop's best feature is its versatility

    While it makes all forms of cutting and drilling far easier on the user, the flip design is quickly making regular stops near-obsolete because it completely prevents the tedious act of constantly finding and inevitably losing these tiny position stops. Simply flip it out of the way when you don't need it and slide to reposition.

    $34.90 (inc GST)

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