Torquata 6mm Spindle Gouge Chisel M2 HSS

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    Torquata 6mm Spindle Gouge Chisel M2 HSS TSG-06

    The Torquata 6mm Spindle Gouge Chisel is your economical entry into quality woodturning. This spindle gouge is very versatile, great for cutting coves, rolling beads and shaping ogee curves. This Torquata Spindle Gouge Chisel is perfect for anyone wanting to get into woodturning.

    The spindle gouge is a very versatile tool used for cutting smooth curved shapes on spindles. If you are getting into woodturning, or just want to add turned elements to your woodwork, check out Torquata’s range of economical woodturning tools and accessories specified for the Australian woodturner.

    6mm Spindle Gouge Chisel specifications

    • Tool steel – M2 HSS
    • Euro Beech handle with steel ferrule
    • Blade diameter 6mm
    • Blade length 145mm
    • Handle length 320mm
    • Overall length 465mm

    The Torquata 6mm Spindle Gouge Chisel

    This little gouge is hands-down the best choice for cutting coves (concave shapes), rolling beads (convex shapes) and shaping ogee curves (“S” shapes—which combine cove and bead cuts) in long-grain turning. Set your piece up between centres and get turning!

    M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) steel

    Torquata woodturning tools are made from M2 HSS steel. This is a hard tungsten-molybdenum high-speed steel used widely for making cutting tools and equipment. It is hard wearing, holds an edge and easily sharpened making it a perfect steel for woodturning tools.

    Ergonomic Euro Beech Handle

    These Torquata turning tools feature an ergonomic European Beech handle with a steel ferrule. Euro Beech is strong, durable hardwood that is excellent for making tool handles. These chisels handles are attractive, super smooth and feel great in the hand. Turn for hours with ease.

    Tough plastic packaging

    Your new Torquata woodturning chisel comes securely packaged in a tough plastic container. Your tool will arrive in mint condition. Use the packaging to store your new tool permanently.

    Lifetime warranty

    All Torquata products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Turn easy knowing you are covered.

    About Torquata

    Torquata produce a range of router bits, saw blades, woodturning tools and woodworking accessories specified for the Australian woodworker. Torquata tools economical, versatile and well made. Torquata means affordable quality.

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