Torquata 60 Degree Live Cone Centre 2MT

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    Torquata 60 Degree Live Cone Centre 2MT TLCC-0244

    Need a sturdy and affordable Live Cone Centre for your lathe? Made from solid steel, this Torquata Live Centre is the perfect accessory for your wood lathe.

    When you are turning between centres, you need a rock-solid Live Centre to support your work. This Live Centre from Torquata is both affordable, solid and reliable - your economical entry into quality woodturning.

    How the Live Centre works

    Live Centres are a common sight on wood lathes. They are designed to fit in the lathes tail stock and support whatever work is being turned either between centres, or as a support for faceplate or scroll chuck turning. Everyone needs a Live Centre on their lathe.

    Key features

    • This Live Centre will cover 90% of all woodturning applications
    • 60° tip offers both good support and access to the work
    • 2MT taper suits a broad range of lathes
    • Sealed for life dust proof bearings

    Torquata Live Cone Centre specifications

    • Cone diameter 44mm
    • Cone angle 60 degrees
    • 2 MT taper
    • Overall length 132mm
    • Taper length 70mm

    Lifetime warranty

    All Torquata products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Turn easy knowing you are covered.

    About Torquata

    Torquata produce a range of router bits, saw blades, woodturning tools and woodworking accessories specified for the Australian woodworker. Torquata tools economical, versatile and well made. Torquata means affordable quality.

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