Straight Spoon Carving Knife #120

  • Straight Spoon Carving Knife #120 MORA-120

    Mora woodcarving knives are well known and appreciated precision tools that are used by wood carvers all over the world, including places like Nusnäs where one of Sweden’s most recognized national symbols – the Dala Horse is carved.

    This knife has a thin, tapered 49mm-long blade of laminated steel, an oiled birchwood handle and plastic sheath.

    WARNING - these knives are extremely sharp out of the sheath and need to be handled with care.


    "Any rust that is formed on the blade is because of the soft iron at the side of the blade and the higher content of carbon in the steel that is used. The soft laminated steel is highly desirable for woodworking, and Morakniv are the only company that produce it."

    We recommed the use of camelia oil as a rust preventative oil that should be regularly used on these knives.

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