Straight Spoon Carving Knife #106

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    Straight Spoon Carving Knife #106 MORA-106-L

    World-renowned knife-makers Morakniv combine over a century of experience with the latest in knife-making technology to create beautiful and functional tools for working wood.

    The 2.7 mm thick, tapered laminated carbon steel blade, allows you can take your creativity to new levels. The core of the ‘L’ series blade is made of high carbon steel surrounded by a softer alloyed steel layer. Perfect for new and experienced carvers who work indoors.

    A Century of Tradition

    Morakniv tools are still made in the small Swedish village of Östnor, where they began over 130 years ago. Woodcarving is a culturally important craft in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, demanding the very best in high-quality carving tools.

    Swedish Steel

    While the Aussie woodcarver probably won’t ever need to craft a Swedish toboggan, our carvers appreciate the superior edge that Swedish steel can provide. The heat treatment process at Morakniv remains a closely guarded secret. We do know, however, that the blades are hardened to HRc 58-60, and they cut beautifully.

    The laminated carbon steel has unparalleled toughness that can withstand lateral bending and has a cutting resistance that optimises its carving properties. It is also easy to re-sharpen so you can experience enjoyable carving over and over again.

    A Perfect Fit in Your Hand

    The birch handle on the MORA-106-L might feel slightly large at first. That’s deliberately done so that you can reshape or texture the handle to your liking. You can also carve your initials on there so your workmates remember who to give it back to.

    Please note: Laminated carbon steel will rust, so wipe and oil the blade after use. We recommend the use of camelia oil as a rust preventative oil that should be regularly used on these knives.

    Blade Length 82mm
    Blade Thickness 2.7mm
    Knife Length 190mm
    Total Length 230mm
    Net Weight 70.1g
    Steel Type Laminated Carbon Steel
    Blade Shape Straight
    Blunt Tip No
    Handle Material Linseed oiled birch
    Handedness Left Handed, Right Handed
    Edge Protection Polymer Sheath
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