Snappy Goldscrew Countersink Drill Bits

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    Snappy Goldscrew Countersink Drill Bits

    Snappy's Gold Screw Countersinks will drill the pilot hole and countersink or counterbore for screws in one step.

    Countersink to drive the head of the screw flush with or slightly below the surface. Easily control depth using an optional stop collar. Counterbore to drive the screw below the surface and plug the hole. The 82° countersink angle matches the angle on the head of most wood screws.

    Why Gold Screws?

    Snappy have been pivotal in the development of countersinking screws internationally and one of their finest innovations is the development of the gold screw, which holds tighter in the countersink bore and allows for easier adjustment, without the risk of slip or tear-out. Made from high-quality HSS with Snappy's renowned patented easy-use features, if you're a cabinet maker or doing any scope of home renovation, these countersinks will save you so much time it's not even worth debating.

    TCT or HSS?

    Because we're woodworking specialists, we stock better quality brands that are aimed at professionals. So, having said that, while Snappy HSS are still far higher-quality than the standard countersinks you'll find on the shelves of any ill-equipped standard hardware store, their TCT options offer extra strength and durability. For more information on the TCT click here.


    • Combination countersink - Drill pilot and counterbore screw head below surface in one step
    • Large 1/4in hardened set screw - Easily adjust length of drill bit for correct depth of pilot hole, will securely hold drill bit to prevent slippage.
    • 82º countersink angle - Set screw heads tight and flush to the surface.
    • Use standard wood plugs or cut your own (matching) plugs to cover screw.
    • Alloy steel - Through-hardened to Rc 60 for long cutting life can be re-sharpened.
    • 1/4in standard hex shanks - Fits all quick change chucks or and standard drill chuck.
    • Milled flats on shaft prevent slippage in standard chucks.
    • Supplied with standard point HSS drill bits - normal jobber drills can be used for replacement drill bits.


    • 2.0mm | #4-Gauge Hardwood
    • 2.4mm | #6-Gauge Softwood
    • 2.8mm | #6-Gauge Hard/8-Gauge Softwood
    • 3.2mm | #8-Gauge Hard/10-Gauge Softwood
    • 3.6mm | #10-Gauge Hard/12-Gauge Softwood
    • 4.0mm | Clearance Hole 7-Gauge
    • 4.4mm | Clearance Hole 8-Gauge
    • 4.8mm | Clearance Hole 10-Gauge
    2.0mm | #4-Gauge Hardwood
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    2.4mm | #6-Gauge Softwood
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    2.8mm | #6-Gauge Hard/8-Gauge Softwood
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    3.2mm | #8-Gauge Hard/10-Gauge Softwood
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    3.6mm | #10-Gauge Hard/12-Gauge Softwood
    $24.90 (inc GST)
    4.0mm | Clearance Hole 7-Gauge
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    4.4mm | Clearance Hole 8-Gauge
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    4.8mm | Clearance Hole 10-Gauge
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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