Shield Technology Restore Rust Remover Gel - 250mL

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    Shield Technology Restore Rust Remover Gel - 250mL RRG-250

    Designed to remove rust from the most rusty of tools.

    Restore Rust Remover Gel has been developed to de-rust larger bulky/heavy items which would be difficult or impossible to de-rust in a tank of Restore Rust Remover. Typical uses include vehicle bodywork, motorcycle tanks and mudguards, machine tool tables and beds, larger woodworking tools etc. Like Restore Rust Remover, it does not contain acids and therefore flash rusting is not a problem. Application is by means of a scouring pad (not supplied) which is moved gently over the surface until the rust is removed and the surface is left bright and clean. It is extremely fast working, in many cases the cleaning process taking no more than a few minutes. Please note it is technically a gel it is not a 'thick' gel capable of clinging to vertical surfaces - it is a thickened liquid.


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