Sherwood Universal Push Stick

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    Sherwood Universal Push Stick

    Baladonia's Push Sticks are a cut above home-made versions

    We know what you're thinking, why would I pay anything for a push stick when I've got this bit of spare here that I can...oh, wait. It's the wrong size. Or it's the wrong shape. Or actually, I'd prefer something that isn't a pain to hold. Or has some grip.

    We're getting a bit carried away here, we know, but it's only because we've been through all this ourselves. When it came to first designing our workshop we buggered around with the same homemade push sticks and they're always kind of rubbish, even if you put far too much effort into them.

    What makes a good push stick?

    At less than $5, these are an incredibly simple and cost-effective way to keep your fingers away from the work piece. Far more comfortable than a home-made version with an ergonomic, plush-designed handle and they're produced from safety orange plastic so that - unlike any bit of random wood that's hanging around your workshop - it's always easy to find.

    Let's just repeat that part. You can actually find it when you want it.

    The best push stick feature are magnets

    Magnets are the bomb, hands down. Now you can get it with two rare earth magnets installed in the handle so you can slap it on to the side of the machine or make sure it stays in place on top of your fence for quick and easy location when working.

    Simple Push Stick
    $5.50 (inc GST)
    Push Stick with Magnetized Handle
    $11.50 (inc GST)

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