Baladonia Taper Cutting Jig

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    Baladonia Taper Cutting Jig 7726-TCJ

    This Taper Angle Jig is perfect for cutting tapers on a table saw

    A simple and effective device for cutting tapers on your table saw without any major modification to the fence. Simply hook the foot of the 610mm-long taper jig to the end of your work piece and run it along your existing fence to cut the taper.

    An extra-strength bracket and more combinations!

    Baladonia have carefully addressed the most common faults with other taper jigs on the market, which is why we find their model the best value out there. The bracket holds your workpiece tight even on close angles, while the jig itself offers a larger range of combinations that you can actually get to (many competitors say they can do them, but really fall short of the target).

    How do I use a Taper Cutting Jig?

    The built-in gauge shows the 0-15° taper angle to be cut which also has a simple conversion of removing 1/4in (6.4mm) width of material for every degree – so a maximum width of material to be removed is 3in (76.2mm).

    Either measure in degrees (in 1 degree from 1-15 degrees) or in inches per foot removed from the piece (0-3in in 1/4in increments). Made of anodised aluminium and steel, for long life. (Saw guard removed in picture , for clarity purposes.)

    Made of anodized aluminium and steel for long life with a single plastic handle included to keep fingers away from the blade. 

    $39.90 (inc GST)

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