Sherwood Round Body Router Motor 1000W

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    Sherwood Round Body Router Motor 1000W SRM-1000

    Sherwood Round Body Router Motors are a professional grade variable speed motor suitable for use in your Sherwood or compatible router table lift. They are a must have piece of equipment for the enthusiast and professional woodworker alike.

    A router table is a welcome addition to any woodworker’s workshop. And to ensure your router table is good as it can be, Timbecon offer you this Sherwood 1000W Round Body Motor. Designed to fit easily into a Sherwood router table lift or compatible alternative. Rather than installing a conventional plunge router in your router table setup, consider a Sherwood router table lift fitted with a Sherwood Round Body Motor.

    The Sherwood Round Body Router Motor 1000W

    • 1000W (1.4hp output)
    • Variable speed 10000 – 22000RPM
    • Includes 1/4in and 1/2in chuck collets
    • Accepts the ER20 Collet system
    • Bare motor body diameter 88mm
    • Motor body diameter with included lift adaptor fitted 106.7mm
    • Suits Sherwood RLIFT-4 & RLIFT-5 with lift adaptor fitted
    • Easily accessed controls
    • Includes spanner set and user manual

    Easily fits to your router motor lift

    A little more petite than its big sister the SRM-1800, this 1000W Sherwood Round Body Motor is perfectly suited to benchtop router setups. Using the included lift adaptor, it easily fits into router table lifts such as the Sherwood RLIFT-4, RLIFT-5 and any other router lift that accepts a 106.7mm round body. Once fitted you can use the router lift controls to adjust the router's height. Take control of your routing with a Sherwood Round Body Motor and router lift.

    Variable speed is good

    A variable speed router motor is good. Particularly if the controls are easily accessed. And the range of the motor is 10000 to 22000RPM. When machining tricky shaped pieces, slow the motor down to minimise the chance of kick back. Open the throttle when routing long straight lengths of predictable moulding.

    Portable and functional

    This round body motor is perfect for benchtop router table setups. Benchtop routing doesn’t require more than 1000W of power. And weighing in at just 3.5kg, this motor won’t break your back placing it up on the bench. Build a custom cradle for the 88mm body, or simply use the provided 106.7mm adaptor to fit your motor in a Sherwood router lift.

    The ER20 collet system

    Increase the versatility of your router setup with the ER20 collet system. Rather than being limited by a router chuck that only accepts 1/4in and 1/2in shanks, the ER20 system allows your router to accept a broad variety of different bit shank sizes from 1mm up to 13mm. The brave new world of routing has arrived.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other round body motor in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 1000W Round Body Motor.

    1000W motor

    This Sherwood Round body motor has all the power you need for benchtop routing.  And weighing just 3.5kg, you won’t break your back pulling your router setup out and placing it up on the bench.

    Variable speed 10000 – 22000RPM

    The Sherwood Round Body Motor offers a broad range of speeds and is easily adjusted. Tune your routers RPM to suit any kind of machining job with the simple twist of a dial. Save time, get productive.

    Includes 1/4in and 1/2in chuck collets and accepts the ER20 Collet system

    With this chuck and collet setup, you can fit any diameter shank router bit into your router without fail.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. Rest easy knowing your new best friend is fully covered.



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    5 years limited


    1500W (2.0hp) 10A Input

    1000W (1.4hp) Output

    Speed range

    10000 – 22000RPM

    Motor diameter

    88mm bare motor

    106.7mm with lift adaptor


    1/4in & 1/2in collets included

    ER20 collet system compatible

    Compatible router lifts using the 106.7mm collet sleeve

    Sherwood RLIFT-4

    Sherwood RLIFT-5

    Porter Cable 7518 motor lift equivalents


    Lift adaptor 106.7mm

    Spanner set

    User manual

    $399.00 (inc GST)

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