Sherwood Router Table Lift & Aluminium Mounting Plate for Plunge Base Routers

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    Sherwood Router Table Lift & Aluminium Mounting Plate for Plunge Base Routers RLIFT-3

    Router Table Lifts Take The Guesswork out of Height Adjustment

    You can option your Torquata Router Table with this top quality Router Lift or buy it separately to mount in the standard 298x235mm plate hole of many other router tables available on the market.

    Produced from aircraft-grade aluminium and high-tensile steel fittings

    Sherwood's Router Lift allows you to adjust your bit height from above the table – no more fumbling underneath to get that right bit height.

    All components are CNC-machined with a no backlash in the chain-driven mechanism. Set to the right height and lock in place for accurate routing. One full handle rotation equals 2.00mm height adjustment. Comes with universal mounting plate to suit all common Australian routers.

    Routing can bring high-level machining accuracy to any woodworking project. Even the slightest unsightly gap can create a lot more hard work fixing the problem, or end up wasting valuable material. The Sherwood Router Lift fixes one axis of adjustment by bringing perfect accuracy to bit height adjustment.

    Identical to standard plates!

    The top mounting plate is identical to the standard aluminium router mounting plates - milled and CNC-machined from 6mm-thick aluminium plate. Over and above the standard mounting plate, a few extra holes are machined to mount the lift assembly underneath. The aluminium is anodized and then checked for flatness after this important step. Where necessary, each plate is checked and adjusted for flatness for a perfect smooth surface closest to the bit - where it matters most.

    There are six grub screws installed along the edges of the mount plate to ensure a perfectly level fit on the lip of the router table underneath it. 

     The insert ring spanner comes standard with the mount plate as well as a starter pin and two holes to mount it either to the left or the right of the bit. 

    Four Pillar Design

    This lift has four pillars at each extremity of the lift - all threaded so that when the cradle is adjusted - they all act in unison to keep the cradle perfectly parallel to the top plate. The threaded rod is dead-straight, heavy-duty hardened black steel that will last a lifetime. 

    The pitch of the thread has been set so that a full revoluation of the winder handle results in exactly 2.00mm of height adjustment - a quarter turn is exactly 0.5mm and even the positive action of one graduation is as fine as 0.1mm. There is minimal backlash so you have certainty that you can make these fine adjustments and rely on their accuracy. 

    Each post has sealed long-life bearings along with automotive-grade sprockets and drive chains. Two extra floating sprockets allows for smooth chain adjustment that virtually eliminates the backlash, providing those most accurate of height adjustments. 

    Heavy-Duty Support

    The cradle is a huge piece of cast aluminium. Vibration is the enemy of routing - it can cause chattering on the work piece and even worse - ruin router bits and router shafts and bearings. Vibration is absorbed through this massive reinforced cradle. All the important parts are machined multiple times so that the mounting system mates perfectly square with the mounting plate above it. 

    The swiss-cheese mounting plate is held in place with four clamps. Remove the mount plate - find the holes that line up with your plunge routers base plate holes, mount the lift plate to it and place the router back in the lift. The clamps click in place in the lip between the mount plate and the main router base. Tighten the clamps and the plunge router becomes one with the lift.

    Please note that many plunge routers available have quite a wide footprint and this can make it difficult to keep them within the overall dimension of the aperture on router tables. For this reason we recommend the Hitach M12VE router where the handles can be removed for the easiest mounting in the router table. All other routers will fit but due to the limitations of the design, you may need to "hook" the router handles into the table before lowering the lift and router completely.

    We've Got a Lock

    Built into the table top is a locking mechanism that engages a brake on one of the four posts to prevent any further movement once the height has been set. The positive locking action is guaranteed to prevent any unwanted movement. Once you've got it set, get routing.

    Which Size?

    The new Sherwood Router Table range has moved to the North American industry-standard size 298 x 235mm, so this lift now has the same size top mounting plate. This lift can also be used in other brands of tables such as Kreg, Incra, JessEm etc.

    For a full list of router compatibility please download the PDF showing the compatibility and mounting pattern.

    $799.00 (inc GST)

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