Sherwood Micro Wood Lathe 200mm Swing

  • Sherwood Micro Wood Lathe 200mm Swing SWL-0812-VS

    From mini to masterpiece, unleash your creativity anywhere with Sherwood’s Micro  Wood Lathe. Perfect for delicate designs and compact creations – because great things come in small packages! 

    The lathe is the beating heart of the woodturner’s workshop. A reliable lathe works tirelessly to enable you to transform your ideas into reality. It is your trusted partner in the creative process. 

    Especially developed with Australian turners in mind, Sherwood’s comprehensive range of lathes delivers power, precision and reliability across every size category. Supported with a wide range of compatible accessories and backed by a five-year warranty, a Sherwood lathe is your ideal workshop companion. 


    Sherwood Micro Wood Lathe 200mm

    Sherwood’s comprehensive collection of lathes begins with the Micro model as the most compact in the range. It has all the features most woodturners want at an affordable price. The solid cast-iron bed is perfect for absorbing vibration, delivering rock-solid performance. The package includes a face plate, spur drive, live centre and knockout bar, as well as two handy tool rest sizes, especially useful for tiny turning! 

    The Sherwood Micro Lathe is perfect for any woodturner that needs to move their lathe around or has space restrictions. It has been purpose-built on a smaller scale but is by no means a lightweight. With industry-standard morse tapers and threads, unlike some of its larger competitors, it excels when performing at its maximum capacity.  


    True Electronic Variable Speed

    True electronic variable speed (EVS) means you're no longer at the mercy of the simple manual three pulley system. If you need the best possible level of control, maximising your accuracy and the perfection of your turning for any project you can dream of, then EVS is essential. In addition, forward and reverse settings allow you to hollow out your projects with ease, keeping eyes on what you’re doing, as well as allowing the cleanest finish. The power is in your hands. 

    This design is intentionally simple - there's very little that can go wrong with this machine. But what makes it special is the Sherwood Difference. We've been woodworking for 30 years and we test every feature to ensure that the little touches are ahead of the competition, while maintaining a sturdy robust design that's effortlessly reliable.  

    5-Year Warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other wood lathe in its class is more supported than the Sherwood Micro Variable Speed Wood Lathe.  

    About Sherwood

    Carefully specified to meet Australian woodworking needs, Sherwood supplies Australian woodworkers with high-quality machinery. Delivering reliability across a wide range of offerings, Sherwood caters to makers, craftspeople and professionals in home workshops and industrial settings across the country. Sourced from overseas manufacturers who have a proven track-record in reliability and quality, every machine in the Sherwood family is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Your Sherwood product is guaranteed to deliver you years of solid and dependable performance.  


    Small but sturdy

    Just because this Micro lathe has the nice feature of portability, that doesn’t mean that any quality is compromised! The cast-iron body removes vibration and ensures longevity, whilst the compact build allows this lathe to go wherever you go.  

    True Electronic Variable Speed

    The motor speed is adjusted easily and simply using the speed control knob. Use high speeds for workpieces requiring clean finishes and light cuts, and low speeds for removing large quantities of materials and rough cuts. Or, you know best, pick a speed somewhere in the middle!  

    Perfect for small projects

    Pens, pipes, flutes or trinket bowls… the possibilities are endless! Whatever your next small project is going to be, this lathe is perfect for the job. 


    The included live and spur centres, face plate, knock-out bar and small & large tool rests, means you’re ready to get turning straight out of the box!  

    Quick repositionable levers

    The convenient lock handles allow you to quickly readjust the settings of your lathe as needed. They can even be tightened further than factory settings if the locking is not tight enough for your needs.  

    Cable Management

    The handy rear cable management ensures safe and secure power to your machine, removing the risk of catching the cables with your workpiece or tools. 

    Forward and reverse functions

    Forward and reverse functions allow you to hollow out your projects with ease, keeping eyes on what you’re doing, as well as allowing the cleanest finish as you sand in both directions. 

    5-Year Warranty

    The Sherwood Micro Wood Lathe comes with a 5-year warranty as standard, so you can relax and get on with your turning knowing that you are covered.  


    300W DC Motor/240V/1.5A

    Spindle Speed

    750-3200 RPM



    Working Length


    Thread Size

    M30 x 3.5 TPI


    #1 Morse Taper

    Face Plate


    Tool Rest

    4.5in & 7in

    Tool Rest Stem

    12mm ø x 34.5mm L




    730 x 400mm

    $399.00 (inc GST)

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