Sherwood Clear Lathe Dust Hood

  • Sherwood Clear Lathe Dust Hood YW-1078

    By Popular Demand: The ‘Hacked’ Version of Sherwood’s Dust Shroud

    Woodworkers are a creative bunch of people! Pulling things apart to make new fixtures and jigs is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the craft. But – it can leave you with a pile of spare bits and bobs left over. Some woodworker’s workshops are already so chock-a-block with odd parts left over from various hacks that it’s hard to move about!

    Spare yourself from the clutter with the ‘hacked’ version of the Sherwood Clear Dust Hood. Specifically designed for woodworkers who need the functionality of the original, but who are not going to mount it on the bed of a lathe, and so don’t need the longer brackets and fixings.

    Featuring the same tough flip-up visor and 4in dust port, and manufactured from thick acrylic, it’s the dust hood you need with none of the bits you don’t. Marie Kondo may well approve.

    Measurements: 240mm W x 200mm L x 260mm H

    $34.90 (inc GST)

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