Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit

  • Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit RT-112130

    The Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit is the ideal table solution for making your drill press work easier, cleaner, and more accurate.

    It extends your working area and delivers flat, straight reference surfaces for repeatable accuracy. The perfect accessory for all drill press users.


    Set up repeat drilling jobs with confidence. The extruded aluminium fence won’t move on the table, and the flip-stop won’t move on the fence, allowing you to drill the exact same point every time. The table itself is solidly made from 1in-thick MDF with a durable melamine surface, ensuring flatness and durability.


    Open the sub-fences to reveal the dust port. When attached to your dust collector, it keeps the table clear and reduces the health risk from fine dust particles.


    The Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit includes two hold-down clamps that keep your workpiece perfectly still and flat on the table. Especially useful when drilling material that wants to run up the bit. They’re also a big help when your workpiece is larger or awkward, and you find yourself running out of hands!

    Clean Exit

    Drilling through a workpiece that is not properly supported on the underside will cause ugly blowout. Instead of forming a nice tidy circle, the rear side of the hole will be ruined by chips and splits. Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit eliminates blowout with its 1/2in thick sacrificial insert. This can be rotated and flipped to find a clean surface to support the workpiece. Once it is finally chewed up, you can easily replace it with a piece of 1/2in thick stock, ensuring perfect support for every job.

    The Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit includes:

    • Table
    • Fence with dust port and sliding sub fences
    • 2 x Hold Down Camps
    • 1 x Flip stop
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 3 x adhesive metric scales

    Please note that drill press tables vary widely and so the Sherwood Drill Press Table Kit may not fit directly to your table. However, it is easily modified by putting counterbored holes in the appropriate location for your machine’s table. 

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. 

    Table Size

    610 x 305 x 25mm

    Fence Height


    Insert Size

    124 x 98mm

    Dust Port Diameter

    63mm OD

    $199.00 (inc GST)

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