Sherwood CNC Water-Cooled Spindle & Inverter Kit

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    Sherwood CNC Water-Cooled Spindle & Inverter Kit CNC-2200-KIT

    Industrial Power.

    Please note this is the CNC SPINDLE ONLY -  not a CNC machine. 

    CNC Spindles - as the name suggests - are specifically designed to run continuously in industrial environments, forming the heart of a CNC machine. CNC's are used in a wide variety of cutting applications - from timber to man-made wood panels, aluminium, plastics and many other materials.

    The Sherwood CNC Spindle is an industrial-grade unit that will last 10,000 working hours before a major service is required - 10 times more than a standard router. 

    The benefits of using a Sherwood water-cooled CNC spindle are many...

    1. All brush-type routers are designed for a normal lifespan of approximately 1,000 working hours. CNC spindles are designed for a lifespan of 10,000 working hours before a major overhaul or replacement is required. 
    2. Even the quietest of standard routers is noisy, a CNC spindle on the other hand runs whisper quiet. The most noise is generated only when the bit engages with the work piece.
    3. It comes standard with an external inverter - you can turn it on and off and adjust the speed remotely as standard.
    4. The inverter converts standard single-phase 240V to three-phase 415V 2.2kW power - to handle ANY routing cut.
    5. The electronic inverter maintains maximum torque literally from 0 - 24,000rpm. 
    6. The spindle uses industry-standard ER20 collets, so with a full collet set, you can run any bit with a shank size 2 - 13mm. The spindle comes standard with 12-13mm collet to run normal 1/2in shank bits.
    7. The spindle is water-cooled - meaning it can run all-day, every day without variation, regardless of ambient temperature.
    8. The collet sits a comfortable distance to ensure above-table bit changes straight out of the box. 

    What's Included?

    The Sherwood CNC Spindle & Inverter Kit is a plug-and-play solution and includes the following items - 

    • Water-Cooled CNC Spindle
    • Electronic Invetrter
    • 2m loom to attach inverter to spindle
    • 3m AUSNZ 240V 15-Amp lead to plug into wall
    • Pump to run coolant
    • 10m of 6mm hose tubing to create coolant system
    • 12 - 13mm ER20 collet & nut
    • 21mm & 30mm spanners to suit spindle and nut

    A container to hold the cooling water close to the spindle is user-supplied.

    PLEASE NOTE The spindle MUST have cooling water running throughout it continuously when in-use. DO NOT run it at any time without the coolant flowing through the spindle.


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