Sherwood Castor Wheels Set of 4 for Router Table Stands

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    Sherwood Castor Wheels Set of 4 for Router Table Stands RT-810-CA

    Sherwood Router Table Castor Wheel Set: Mobilise Your Router Table

    Okay, so what do you really want in a set of castors? Why do I care, you say? 

    Well, have you ever got the old shopping trolley at the supermarket, and spent the next hour skidding into people and fighting to get it rolling from a standstill? Yep, that's why.

    We ask this because there are a lot of castors - or casters for some reason if you're American - that all seem roughly the same on the market but are actually really shoddy quality. After all, these are just a set of 4 castors designed to be fitted to the bottom of your router table stand allowing for it to be easily moved around the workshop, so what could the difference be?

    There's actually a bit more to it than that. Sherwood castor sets, designed specifically for your router table, have purpose-built foot-operated locking mechanisms that offer the ability to move your router table freely around then securely lock it in place. These locking mechanisms on Sherwood castor sets actually add to the stability of the unit once secured, which as we all know, is absolutely pivotal to a successful router table.

    Mobile Castor Set Features

    • High quality foot-operated metal locking mechanism
    • Reinforced urethane wheels for easy movement
    • Extremely easy, purpose-built installation

    Unlike other castor sets you'll find, the entire locking mechanism is metal, so it won't snap or degrade over time. Likewise, the urethane wheels have reinforced tread to add to the castor's stability and stop them dragging on the floor like an old shopping trolley after a few runs around your workshop.

    So they have higher-quality wheels, higher-quality locking mechanisms. What more do you want?

    Well the only other factor we really consider in a castor set, other than price, is how easy they are to install. Hence why we specialise castor sets like this. There is nothing worse than purchasing a mobile workstation set online and then finding out they don't work properly with your machine.

    This castor set is guaranteed to install easily and perfectly to your machine. If you promise not to enter your router table in any roller derbies, they'll last forever. That's why we stock them, that's why you should buy them.

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