Sherwood Benchtop Machining Centre Combo

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    The Sherwood Benchtop Machining Centre Combo is your one stop rig when machining on “Safari”. This is the perfect machining rig for anyone working in a tiny workshop or onsite. It is ideal for enthusiast woodworkers setting up their first woodworking machine shop.

    If you are going to work with wood, and be productive, you need an efficient and reliable method to flatten and thickness wood. Check out this Sherwood Benchtop Machining Centre Combo, everything you need to start machining wood today.

    The Sherwood Benchtop Machining Centre Combo

    This combo features three very key machines that complete three very key processes.

    The Sherwood MBSC-1936 13in Deluxe Benchtop Thicknesser with Spiral Head

    For thicknessing wood. This spiral head thicknesser will produce superior results on a very broad range of materials. Featuring a truly spiral cutter head with replaceable carbide knives, this benchtop thicknesser will dimension wood accurately and quietly.

    The Sherwood SWJSC-150-B 6in Benchtop Jointer with Spiral Head

    For flattening and edge jointing. This spiral head jointer runs quiet and smooth. Featuring a spiral head with carbide knives, chipping and pulled grain will be a thing of the past. Machine perfect surfaces all day long.

    The Sherwood DC-50 Compact Dust Collector

    For managing dust. This compact dust collector will sit right up under your bench or neatly in the corner of your shop. It’s light weight so easy to take onsite as well. Featuring a powerful 1100W motor and included spiral ducting, you have everything you need to keep your workspace clean and free of dust.

    To learn more about each individual product, use to product code and visit their product pages on the Timbecon website.

    Shipping your Benchtop Machining Centre Combo

    Your benchtop combo is comprised of three individual boxes with a combined weight of approximately 85kg. For security and ease of shipping, the three individual boxes are packaged together and shipped on a small pallet. At delivery, a shipment such as this usually requires a tail lift truck to unload. Utilising a tail lift truck will incur additional shipping charges.

    You can avoid paying more for your benchtop combo to be delivered. All you need to do is meet the truck at delivery, cut the plastic strappings holding the individual boxes together, and hand unload the boxes yourself one by one. Please note - the delivery driver will not do this for you. If you want to avoid the tail lift fee. You must meet the truck and complete the unloading yourself.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other woodworking machines in their class are more supported than Sherwood.

    Bundle & Save! $2,479.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $2,527.00

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