Sherwood 1.5HP Compact Dust Extractor Portable 50L

  • Sherwood 1.5HP Compact Dust Extractor Portable 50L DC-50

    Sherwood's Portable Workshop Dust Extractor System

    We know every woodworking machine says it's a revolution these days, but this extractor really is a revolution in portable dust control in the workshop. The mixture of power and portability it offers is unparalleled and Sherwood's five year warranty - an industry leading inclusion in a machine this size - speaks volumes of its quality. You simply won't find a dust extractor as small and powerful as this at anywhere near this price.

    It has a powerful 1100W brush-type motor that operates a High Pressure Low Volume (HPLV) extraction system. Its flow rate is approximately 53L/second making it suitable for extracting off all small woodworking machines such as router tables, table saws, benchtop thicknessers etc. It comes standard is 2m of 4in dust hose to be located close to the machine for maximum efficiency. 

    The twin filtration system will filter fine dust down to 0.5micron and has a steel 50L collection drum that is easily emptied via  single-action quick release barrel clamp when getting full. 

    Compact Dust Extractor Features/Specifications:

    • 1100W 240V motor
    • Handle for easy moving
    • Filter cartridge
    • Polyester needle-felt filter bag
    • Filtration: 0.5 micron
    • Storage capacity: 50 litres
    • Hose length: 2000mm
    • Hose connection: 100mm
    • Noise level (at one metre): 85dB
    • Dimensions: 400 x 645mm (W x H)
    • Empty weight approx: 10kg

    What's so good about this Dust Collector?

    Filtering your workshop dust down to 0.5 microns is an incredible achievement, with the fine filter the hero. Combined with an incredibly sturdy, robust design that's specifically designed to emit as little noise as possible while still providing enough power in tough workshop conditions, Sherwood have finally brought the best of both worlds to dust extraction. No wonder this machine is so popular across Australia.

    This machine's huge amount of power makes it one of the best value dust extractors on the market, all in a unit that can easily tuck out of the way when you're not using it, ideal for small workshop or garage spaces.

    $229.00 (inc GST)

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