Sherwood 10in Lift-Up Combination Planer

  • Sherwood 10in Lift-Up Combination Planer

    Sherwood's 10 Inch Combo Planer Thicknesser Jointer is one of Australia's most popular woodworking machines!

    The smaller brother to the modern design Sherwood 12in Combination Planer, it has the same parallel lift-up table mechanism commonly found in the new generation of combo planers - making it much easier to re-set up for use as a jointer as after thicknessing as the tables always remain flat and parallel without any need for fine tuning over the lifetime of the machine. 

    It has a powerful motor capable of planing all timbers to its full width capacity with ease, plus the solid fence stays in position when changing function, saving time swapping between both modes. The simple easy-to-read micro-adjustable thicknessing read-out makes height adjustment easy to use in environments with all types of lighting. 

    The dust port flips over and covers the cutterhead and the micro-switch will ensure it can't run by accident without proper safety guarding. Upgrade your standard cutterhead to a CTS spiral head! Click here for more info.

    Please Note: This unit has a 15A AU plug on it

    Combo Planer Thicknesser 10in Lift-Up Features

    • Fully integrated lift-up design in a phenomenally durable, tough-built machine (just check the photos)
    • Incredibly fine, machined and ultra-reliable cutterheads for longer lifespan
    • Full suite of state of the art safety features, including micro-switches and safety guarding
    • The tables always remain flat and parallel without any need for fine tuning, ever
    • 2200W induction motor is designed and tested to provide extremely powerful, trouble free operation for a lifetime

    Why do we love Sherwood Combination Planers?

    Sherwood are arguably Australia's leading thicknesser manufacturers because they back themselves and the quality of their machines. Unlike many of the cheaper imports on the market, this Aussie brand flaunts incredible build quality and attention to detail - the unsurpassed five-year warranty on every thicknesser says it all. 

    The tables and fences on every machine are rock-solid and the feeding system Sherwood utilise competes with thicknessers and jointers at the very top of the international market. Every part of this machine is carefully designed and tested to ensure that it will provide eons of reliable, accurate trouble-free service. The dust chutes are carefully built in to create the most efficient running machine possible, while every safety consideration is tailored for. The results you get with a Sherwood thicknesser, jointer or combination planer are always extremely accurate, which is why they're used by countless professionals across the country and beyond.

    Unlike many of its competitors, Sherwood also stock the full range of thicknesser accessories and market their own range of cutterheads and the unique helical-path true shear cutterheads that are taking the Australian industry by storm.

    Sherwood's 10 Inch Combo Planer Thicknesser  Straight Blade Jointer Specifications

    Motor Size 2200W/2.9HP/15amp
    Motor Type Induction
    Cutterhead Speed 5500rpm
    # of Blades 3
    Blade Type Resharpenable
    Thicknessing Capacity 260 x 230mm
    Planer Table Length 545mm
    Planer Feed Speed 5.5m/min
    Min Stock Thickness 6mm
    Jointer Table Dimensions 1125 x 260mm
    Fence Dimensions 700 x 120mm
    Bed Height 825mm
    Max Planing Capacity 3mm
    Dust Port Diameter 102mm (4in)
    Plug 15AMP AU Plug

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    Sherwood 10in Lift-Up Combination Planer Manual

    Download User Manual

    Straight Blade Combo Planer
    $2,299.00 (inc GST)
    Spiral Head Combo Planer
    $3,099.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement Straight Blade Set of 3
    $85.00 (inc GST)

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