Sherwood 10in Heavy Duty Bandsaw

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    Sherwood 10in Heavy Duty Bandsaw

    Black Is The New Orange: Sherwood's new Premium Black Bandsaw Range!

    Please note: The Sherwood HD series of bandsaws are being converted from all black to black with burnt orange features. We will continue selling the black models until stock runs out and then switch to the new colour. Nothing other then the colours are changing. 

    Every now and then a product comes along that changes the way people think about woodworking. Compact but powerful, flexible yet sturdy, subtle and stylish – this Sherwood isn’t just another bandsaw, it’s a sight for saw eyes. 

    Why Sherwood bandsaws?

    The phrase big things come in small packages was made for Sherwood’s latest offering. This sleek 10in model may sit in the featherweight class but it’s a definite heavy-hitter, boasting a whopping 1400 W of peak power – with an amperage larger than many larger machines. 

    This provides you with a professional saw for serious jobs without stealing half your workspace. If your workshop is a little more shop then work, this is the ultimate succour for the space-stressed. But there’s a lot more to this machine than meets the eye. 

    With cast-iron wheels and heat-absorbing ceramic blade guides, a material originally designed to help space shuttles re-enter the atmosphere without burning up, Sherwood’s 10in bandsaw sits proudly on top of the smaller bandsaw range. By offering a machine with excellent attention to detail, while retaining a competitive price, Sherwood have opened up a new world of possibilities for woodworkers. 


    • Cast iron wheels 
    • Ceramic, heat-absorbing blade guide blocks for extreme durability
    • Hard-wearing knobs / controls with smooth finishes
    • Easily wound and dropped blade tensioning mechanism for easy leave and release
    • Standard 19 x 9.5mm mitre slots
    • Hose for more efficient, controlled dust extraction
    • Smooth rise and fall motion
    • Impressive black finish


    Model Code SBSHD-250
    Blade Guides Ceramic / Rear Bearing
    Blade Length 2140mm
    Blade Widths 6 - 19mm
    Blade Speed 760 m/min
    Blade Release Quick Lever
    Wheel Material Cast Iron
    Cutting Height 90° 240mm
    Throat (Cutting Width) 250mm
    Table Size 360 x 350mm
    Mitre Guide Slot 19 x 9.5 mm
    Table Height 970mm
    Table Tilt (Degrees) 0 - 45 
    Dust Outlets 1 x 102mm (4in)
    Motor Output (Poles) 745 W (4-Pole)
    Amperage 5.8 A
    Maximum Power 1390 W
    Braked No
    Workshop Footprint (mm) 620 x 600 x 1620
    Shipping Dimensions (mm) 1170 x 500 x 330
    Assembled/Shipping Weights 48 / 53 kg

    Which bandsaw is right for me?

    Whether you’re a tradie, avid woodworking enthusiast, DIYer looking to take the next professional step or a fully-professional shop that’s sick of swapping huge blades for smaller projects, the 10in model bandsaw is top of its class among smaller models. 

    Built by a manufacturer that specialises in industrial-sized bandsaws, this model retains the excellent quality and attention to detail, but specialises them for smaller capacity cuts, giving woodworkers the opportunity to create brilliant workmanship on a piece of their own. 

    If you’re after something bigger then Sherwood’s 14in model offers a step up in power and capacity, while the 18in heavy-duty model provides the ultimate in flexible workmanship, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to cut a range of concrete, metals and even Caesarstone benches with electronic variable speeds. 

    We now offer the Sherwood Heavy Duty 10in Bandsaw as a kit with the sanding system. Please see drop down menu for options.

    This bandsaw is not just a "uni-tasker". With the bandsaw sanding attachment, seen in the last pictures of this listing, you can add sanding to its repertoire of uses. This simple addon allows you to take off the blade and replace it with a sanding strip much like a linisher. Perfect for those wanting to do precision jobs. 

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $90.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

    Sherwood 10in Heavy Duty Bandsaw
    $1,399.00 Beat The Price Rise! (inc GST)
    New RRP: $1,499.00
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    Sherwood 10in Heavy Duty Bandsaw with Sanding System
    $1,479.00 Beat The Price Rise! (inc GST)
    New RRP: $1,534.00
    Order Now For Shipment or Pick Up 1st June
    Sherwood Sanding System For Sherwood Heavy-Duty 10in Bandsaw
    $135.00 Beat The Price Rise! (inc GST)

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