Sherwood Bandsaw Heavy-Duty High-Rise Fence Upgrade Kit

  • Sherwood Bandsaw Heavy-Duty High-Rise Fence Upgrade Kit SBSHDRF-1

    A height-rising, accuracy-enhancing bandsaw fence upgrade

    Sherwood make some of the finest premium bandsaws in the world, so whenever they release a brand new bandsaw accessory our guys in the workshop tend to get a little excited, for good reason. But when they told us they were making a new-and-improved fence upgrade kit, we still didn't expect anything quite this flashy.

    This bandsaw fence upgrade takes any standard bandsaw fence and turns into the megalodon, the mecca of all fences. It is a truly superb, tough-as-nails construction and design, making the price seem very affordable when you know what you're getting in return.

    Why upgrade a bandsaw fence?

    By increasing your bandsaw fence, you're adding extra support to the timber or other material that you're cutting. This not only improves the accuracy of your cut, but the stability, ease and safety as well.

    The great aspect of the Sherwood upgrade kit, apart from its versatility, is the durability of its design. This is heavy-duty equipment built to match hardy, long-wearing conditions and use with precision engineering. This particular upgrade kit forms part of the Sherwood Heavy-Duty Bandsaw range.

    Please note: This is designed for the Sherwood Heavy Duty bandsaw range. Not the standard range or the 14in Plus model.

    $199.00 (inc GST)

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