Razorsaw Orikomi Trimming Folding Saw 200mm Large Tooth Blade

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    Razorsaw Orikomi Trimming Folding Saw 200mm Large Tooth Blade

    Are you a gardener? Maybe you are a woodworker? Do you want a fast-cutting saw suitable for either discipline? Then check out this Orikomi All Purpose Folding Pull Saw from Razorsaw. A high-quality and efficient pull saw for the gardener or the woodworker.

    This Orikomi large teeth saw from Razorsaw is a very versatile trimming saw. It features a decreasing tooth pitch with larger teeth at the tip that become progressively smaller near the handle. This tooth arrangement allows for smooth easy sawing to start your cut using the finer teeth. And as you progress deeper into the cut, you can draw along the saws length to take advantage of the larger teeth making for a faster and more effective cutting.

    The tooth arrangement also allows for easy sawing on a range of materials including seasoned wood, green wood and composite wood panels. The blade may be set in two opened angles for either general through sawing or flat panel surface sawing. The blade folds away neatly into the handle so you can safely store it in your toolbox without damaging the blade. Available in three models with three different grades of teeth – large, all-purpose or fine. This is the perfect saw for anyone who wants to saw anything and doesn’t know what saw to choose.


    This Large Tooth Orikomi folding saw is perfect for sawing:

    • Seasoned and laminated wood
    • Green wood
    • Composite wood panel
    • Particle board / MDF

    Features and benefits

    • All-purpose saw for cutting a broad range of materials
    • Larger teeth for a coarser faster cut
    • Decreasing tooth pitch for ease of use and efficient sawing
    • Rip and cross cutting capacity for sawing versatility
    • Hijirime varying height tooth design for quality cutting
    • The teeth are set to ease the cut through the material
    • Two opened saw angles for ease of use and versatility
    • Folding blade so the saw is compact and the cutting edge is protected
    • Pull stroke cutting action that provides accuracy and ease of use
    • Long-lasting impulse hardened cutting teeth, so you are assured many years of use
    • Rustproof nickel plating so your saw will always look and work like new
    • Ergonomic pistol styled soft rubber grip for a comfortable and secure grip


    • Blade length 200mm
    • Blade thickness 0.8mm
    • Kerf 1.12mm
    • Pitch 2.6 – 3.5mm
    • TPI 7.3 – 9.8

    Made in Japan

    This Japanese all-purpose saw is a high-quality product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.

    $52.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement Blade for RS-811 - 9.8TPI
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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