Razorsaw Dozuki Saw - 240mm - 19.5TPI

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    Razorsaw Dozuki Saw - 240mm - 19.5TPI

    Razorsaw Dozuki Japanese Saw

    A traditional Japanese dovetail/tennon saw with a hard spline and replaceable blade. Suitable for fine woodworking whilst tough enough for general purpose use.

    A fully authentic Dozuki saw, made in Japan

    Dovetail/Tenon Saws (Dozuki Noko Giri) are the finest cutting of any saw. Designed with blades that are very thin and have a rigid spline attached to the top edge. This allows the saw to make incredibly thin cuts whilst remaining rigid and straight. Dozuki Saws are used for the finest miter, cross, tenon and dovetail cuts. They will leave a glass smooth finish on all hardwoods. The handle is wrapped in rattan for a firm yet comfortable grip. The blade is hard coated for increased durability and corrosion resistance.

    Razorsaw is one of the finest saw blade manufacturers in the world, fine-crafting their authentic saws to traditional Japanese standards out of Tokyo since 1969. They've since become the world's leading Japanese saw manufacturer for good reason, they're extremely affordable for the incredible quality and long lifespan. With replaceable blades, this saw can last generations.

    Model: 372 - 240 x 0.3mm 19.5TPI


    Japanese made

    240mm (9-1/2") Blade length

    19.5 TPI blade

    Hard coated steel blade and rattan grip

    0.3mm kerf


    Blade Length 240mm (9-1/2")
    Overall Length 600mm (23-1/2")
    TPI 19.5
    Blade Kerf 0.3mm
    Material Hard coated steel blade and rattan handle
    Country of Manufacturer Japan


    Dozuki 240 x 0.3mm 19.5TPI
    $79.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement Blade
    $56.50 (inc GST)

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