Raw Stain - Natural

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    Raw Stain - Natural

    Natural raw timber stain for a naturally sanded look.

    Natural Raw Stains give a freshly sanded look that lasts. By neutralizing the darkening of the following coats of Hardwax Oil, the Raw Stains keep the timber clear and as close to its natural, raw colour as possible. Whittle Waxes Natural and Light Raw Stain have similar properties, except Natural is stronger and more intense than Light Raw Stain. 

    Designed for light timbers such as pine, oak, black butt, ash, etc. it is easy to apply as there is no overlapping or applicator marks.

    Test before: As various timbers will take colours differently, we do advise to do a sample before applying to the whole area. The pigments are natural and colourfast.

    NOTE: The swatch shown on our website is indicative only.

    125mL - Natural
    $14.00 (inc GST)
    500mL - Natural
    $74.00 (inc GST)

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