Purbond Polyurethane Glue - F20

  • Purbond Polyurethane Glue - F20

    Purbond Polyurethane Glue - F20

    Purbond F20 ( Green Label ) is a fast version of standard Purbond.  It has an open time of about 5 minutes and needs to be kept clamped for 20.

    A single pack, fully waterproof, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive. Purbond is an extremely economical polyurethane glue. Purbond glues almost anything to almost anything. We have glued up samples of several hundred Australian timber species with Purbond, including the difficult ones like Huon Pine, Jarrah and Beech and provided the joint is done in accordance with the instructions, when we tear the Purbond joint apart, the wood always fails first. This Purbond glue likes to be clamped and clamped hard. Freshly cut wood surfaces and a little moisture in the joint (only a little!) is how we get great joint strength from Purbond adhesive. A little goes a long way. Purbond is also used to glue stainless steel splashbacks to MDF, PVC duct to concrete walls, even an overcoating of concrete over a deteriorated concrete floor. Almost anything to anything.

    • High adhesive strength
    • Does not suffer creep in stressed joints
    • Suitable for use on damp surfaces
    • Does not leave a glue line like PVA glues or Epoxy
    • Application is to one surface only, coverage 200 - 250 ml per square metre
    • 100% waterproof, that withstands 72 hour boiling water test, guaranteeing waterproof bonds.
    • Invisible in close-fitting glue lines
    • Contains no volatile or flammable ingredients
    • Sands easily and does not blunt cutting tools
    • Has a better bond if moisture applied to surfaces being bonded
    • Will gap fill but has no strength where gaps are present
    • Can be applied directly from the bottle
    Variant F20
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    Suitable for
    • Aluminium, Stainless steel and other metals
    • Rubber
    • Timber including oily and oxidising timbers such as Teak, Huon Pine, Jarrah & Eucalypts
    • Foam
    • Brick and Concrete
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