Pride Abrasives Waterstone Flattening Stones - Small 120grit

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    Pride Abrasives Waterstone Flattening Stones - Small 120grit PAF-120-S

    Pride Abrasives flattening stones allow you to keep your Pride Abrasives Waterstones flat and true.

    Keeping your stones flat ensures that you get fast and accurate results every time you sharpen. The 120-grit flattening stone is perfect for maintaining waterstones of any grit.

    Pride’s Flattening Stone is designed to flatten without being overly aggressive. Best practice is to “lightly” flatten the sharpening stone, using the Flattening Stone before sharpening and between tools. More frequent flattening of the sharpening stone may be required if the stone is into hard service. 

    • You use your sharpening stones to maintain your blades, but when it comes time to maintain your sharpening stones, this flattening stone does the trick
    • Diagonal grooves in this stone remove the ground-down particles to flatten your sharpening stone with minimal impact on its lifespan
    • This flattening stone maintains sharpening stones of all grit, and from all brands—it’s the only flattening stone you’ll ever need

    Pride Abrasive was founded by Matt and Dorothy Hazlett, who began manufacturing abrasive stones in Bristol, Wisconsin, in 1978. Pride’s focus has been to produce the highest quality products at the quickest possible lead times at extremely competitive pricing with a customized approach to each customer. Pride has combined its nearly 40 years of knowledge with a unique water stone production process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product for industries such as cutlery and woodworking. Utilizing their unique production process and top-grade materials, Pride has created water stones that are long lasting, fast cutting, leave a mirror finish and – “gasp” – are flat within .007 of an inch right out of the box.

    Flattening Stone Dimensions: 230mm x 76mm x 19mm

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