Pride Abrasives Sharpening Compound

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    Pride Abrasives Sharpening Compound

    Sharpening Compound designed to give you perfect results every time.

    Pride Abrasive White Sharpening Compound is a fine abrasive used in combination with leather strops and sharpening belts to remove any remaining burs from the sharpening process and bring edges to a high polish. Apply like a crayon on the stropping surface. It is highly recommended to use sharpening compound when sharpening.

    Green or White? What do I use?

    Green: a fine grit, used to finish off or touch up a blade that’s already sharp, for a hair shaving edge. If a you use green regularly and never let your knife get less than razor sharp, then green is all you’ll ever need unless you damage the edge.

    White: a very fine grit, used to polish the edge of a straight razor or a knife when you want an extreme level of sharpness.

    Green 56g/2oz
    $6.90 (inc GST)
    White 56g/2oz
    $4.90 (inc GST)

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