Pride Abrasives Combination Waterstone - 3000-8000grit

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    Pride Abrasives Combination Waterstone - 3000-8000grit PA-30008000

    Pride Abrasive Dual-Grit Waterstones produce a superior edge finish with man-made Waterstones.

    Their water sharpening stones are softer than oil stones and use water to create a slurry, which gives you the level of abrasiveness you need at each stage of sharpening. Waterstones wear concave with use and will need to be re-flattened periodically. 25mm thick x 76mm wide.

    The 3000grit side is the lowest grit to be considered a finishing stone. It provides a finished edge for many sharpening applications. 
    The 3000 removes steel at an exceptionally fast rate. It is fast enough that you can jump directly from the 220 or 400 stone. It will quickly remove the scratches from these coarser grits.

    The 8000grit side is a polishing stone. It provides a scalpel finish and mirror edge on knives and tools and is the grit most straight razor users are satisfied with. 
    Like the other Pride stones, it removes steel at a very fast rate yet hard enough that it retains its flatness well. The 8,000 grit cuts faster than a leading Japanese manufacturer yet provides the razor edge you expect from a 8000 grit stone. 
    It cuts quickly for an 8k stone and you can jump directly to it from the 1000 or 3000 grit. If you are progressing from a 4-6k stone, you will only need to take a few passes to remove the scratches.

    For fast sharpening and fine finishes on planes and straight chisels, chose the Pride Abrasive Combination Grit Waterstone. These dual-grit sided synthetic stones are softer than oilstones and are used with water and minimal pressure to quickly sharpen and polish for a quality final product. Available in a variety of grits for a number of jobs, including the repair of damaged tools, cutting, finishing, and polishing. Color-coded by grit to make selection quick and easy.

    • Dual-grit sided synthetic stones designed to work together, in a carefully planned, efficient sequence with water (to create a fast-acting slurry) for fast sharpening to fine finish 
    • Softer than traditional oilstones - providing lapping action for superb results with low pressure.  
    • Better choice for producing superior edges for planes and straight chisels

    Pride Abrasive was founded by Matt and Dorothy Hazlett, who began manufacturing abrasive stones in Bristol, Wisconsin, in 1978. Pride’s focus has been to produce the highest quality products at the quickest possible lead times at extremely competitive pricing with a customized approach to each customer. Pride has combined its nearly 40 years of knowledge with a unique water stone production process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product for industries such as cutlery and woodworking. Utilizing their unique production process and top-grade materials, Pride has created water stones that are long lasting, fast cutting, leave a mirror finish and – “gasp” – are flat within .007 of an inch right out of the box. Stones should be soaked prior to use approximately 15 to 20 minutes or till they quit breathing or stop bubbling.

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