Pax Dovetail Hand Saw 200mm 20TPI

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    Pax Dovetail Hand Saw 200mm 20TPI PD-8-C

    Pax 200mm (8") Dovetail Hand Saw 20TPI

    Pax handsaws are for those looking to buy one handsaw that will eventually be passed down to the grandchildren. These saws can be resharpened using a precision file (sold separately) to ensure that this saw could be the last saw you ever need to buy.

    Thomas Flinn, a manufacturer in Sheffield, produces what are probably the finest of all traditional saws made to the European design. "A cut above the rest" is the firm's motto, and with it they put on the market solid-brass-backed saws, most painstakingly manufactured. Their "Pax" range of saws, which takes its name from a trademark launched in 1776 and revived by Thomas Flinn, is here presented. These saws are not only an absolute must for anyone who wants to have a first class cut, they are a joy to behold.

    Made from high quality carbon steel, the blade is hand sharpened. To match such craftsmanship this blade is matched with a a mirror polished, heavy folded brass back which offers the perfect balance and tension to the saw and the handle is made from finished Walnut completed with solid brass screws and a medallion. 

    Manufactured in Sheffield, UK.

    Available in a rip-tooth blade of crosscut blade or in a set containing one of each.



    Walnut Handle with Solid Brass Screws & Medallion

    Mirror Polished Brass Back

    Hand Sharpened

    Hand Etched with PAX logo

    Can be re-sharpened using a Precision File


    TPI 20
    Blade Length 200m (8")
    Cut Options



    Blade Depth 55mm (2 1/4")
    $269.00 (inc GST)

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