Nigiri 105mm Long Blade Shirogami Scissors with Black Finish

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    Nigiri 105mm Long Blade Shirogami Scissors with Black Finish 502-L-105

    Do you love the quality of Japanese hand tools? And do you need a precise high-quality set of fine scissors? Then check out these Nigiri 105mm Long Blade Shirogami Scissors. A beautiful set of fine scissors for those who expect the best from their hand tools.

    Nigiri produce some of the best Japanese spring scissors and snips available. These Shirogami 105mm fine scissors can be used for sewing, cutting fine papers and chopping herbs. They are a must have pair of scissors for every home and workshop.

    Nigiri 105mm Long Blade Shirogami Scissors with Polished Finish

    Featuring high carbon steel blades these razor sharp Nigiri scissors are a pleasure to use. They are designed to make small, precise cuts without damaging adjacent materials. They have a durable edge and smooth action.

    Features and benefits

    • Razor sharp cutting blades perfect for very fine detailed work
    • Hand forged from a single piece of Shirogami White Paper Steel
    • Comfortable to hold and use
    • Supplied in a protective pouch


    • Blade length 45mm
    • Overall length 105mm
    • Made from forged Shirogami White Paper Steel
    • Polished finish
    • Made in Japan

    About Japanese scissors and snips

    Spring form scissors first appeared in Japan in the sixth century. While most countries have abandoned them in favour of pivot scissors, the Japanese still appreciate the delicacy and precision that can be achieved when pinching the blades directly between forefinger and thumb. The snips featured here are all individually hand forged in Japan - they excel at placing very accurate cuts in soft materials.

    Made in Japan

    These Japanese scissors are a high-quality handmade product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.

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