Cutting Through Some Ripper Deals


Cutting Through Some Ripper Deals 

Spring time is upon us and so are some great savings on handsaws, circular saw blades and machinery. The guys in Perth have been moving a fair bit of the shop around so be sure to pop in and find some new goodies you may have missed last time.

We have new shipments arriving every day with our premium router table range back in stock in both stores plus some new and exciting products we'll be loading on the website in coming weeks so be sure to look out for them.

New Dates & Venue for Melbourne Wood Show

The Melbourne Wood Show, normally held in October at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, has undergone a radical change with both the dates - now 12th - 14th September - and the venue now being moved to 
Caulfield Racecourse. We will be there this year so we hope to see you there! For more info go to the Show's website.

10in Panel Cutting Saw

10in Panel Cutting Table Saw

If you are mainly working mainly with smaller section cabinet timbers and doing a lot of panel work – this saw is a great option as it has a built-in panel attachment with the ability to crosscut 8x4ft board with ease. 

Built to exacting standards it has a quality construction, finish and most importantly, a long and trouble-free life of precise cutting.

Normally $2,399.00 - Just $2,099.00
Until 30th September

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10in Hybrid Saw  

10in Hybrid Cabinet Saw

  • 3HP induction motor single-belt drive

  • 10in blade with maximum cutting height of 80mm

  • Sturdy cast-iron top with extensions provides massive 1020x685mm working surface

  • Heavy-duty T-square fence with maximum capacity of 770mm to right of blade

  • Built-in 4in dust outlet in base of cabinet

Normally $1,399.00 - Just $1,199.00
Until 30th September

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Torquata Circular Saw Blades  

Industrial Circular Saw Blades

Torquata saw blades have been manufactured and sold for more than 15 years. An industrial-quality blade - they can be used all-day long in workshops by professionals and hobbyists alike - with massive carbide tips that reduce vibration and allow for multiple sharpens.

A great range is available up to 12in with specific configurations to suit a wide range of timber and panel products for both table and drop mitre saws.

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Japanese Saws  

World #1 Japanese Saws

Razorsaw are the #1 Japanese Saw brand worldwide - having invented the impulse hardening technique now copied by all other brands back in 1969 and leading the way ever since.

We stock a wide range of DozukiKabataRyobaMiniature and Flush Cut Saws. Get in quick before this special ends!

Browse our handsaw section to see the full range or click on the links above for specific saw styles.

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Taper Cutting Jig

A simple and effective device for cutting tapers on your table saw without any major modification to the fence. Simply hook the foot of the 610mm-long taper jig to the end of your work piece and run it along your existing fence to cut the taper.

The built-in gauge shows the 0-15° taper angle to be cut which also has a simple conversion of removing 1/4in (6.4mm) width of material for every degree – so a maximum width of material to be removed is 3in (76.2mm).

Normally $24.90 - Just $19.90
Until 30th September

400kg Mobile Base

While it may sound unbelievable – this base actually makes relatively light work of moving even the heaviest machine around the workshop – a person of average fitness and strength would be able to use this to move around machines weighing up to 400kg (or 900lb)!!!

It can accept machines with a base size from a minimum 460x620mm to a maximum 720x850mm and a maximum weight capacity of 400kg (or 900lb).