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Product Review

Freud is a worldwide leading manufacturer of woodworking carbide saw blades, router bits and shaper cutters. The company’s name “Freud” isn’t a family name like “Sigmund Freud”- it's a combination of “Fre” short for “fresa” (the Italian word for cutter), and “Ud,” the abbreviation of “Udine” (pronounced “OO-dee-nay”), the Italian city where the Freud company was founded in 1962. Freud was acquired by the German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch in April 2009.

Freud has four manufacturing plants in Italy, one of which is solely dedicated to the manufacture of carbide teeth, router bit tips and shaper cutter knives and inserts.

The Freud carbide plant is located in the town of Martignacco, ten kilometres northwest of central Udine. Freud are the only tolling company with 100% in-house manufacturing of carbide. There are very few tool companies who produce it even partially in-house, and the remainder import their carbide directly from Asia. Freud manufacture their own carbide so they can control the entire process, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product. This capability also enables Freud to make very specific carbide bits designed for a wide range of applications - in particular for woodworking.

A carbide manufacturing process overview

Creating carbide is complex, technical process that starts with specific mixtures of metallic powders including carbide, cobalt, tungsten and titanium. Freud manufactures 20 grades of carbides including MicroGrain “TiCo” carbides, a highly compact titanium and cobalt carbide.

Each mixture is designed to give the carbide a particular balance of hardness and toughness (also impact and wear resistance) that suits a particular type of machining application — for example, a saw blade to rip hardwoods or composite materials, or a router bit for shaping plastics.

Science and quality control

To maintain their position as the leader in carbide tool manufacture, Freud’s carbide plant has its own on-site laboratory that manages quality control for production, designs and implements process improvements and conducts R&D for new products. The laboratory analyses all raw materials to ensure that they meet Freud’s high-quality standards, and they also spot check batches of the carbide products after manufacture.

Whether you are an enthusiast, a fine woodworker or a production cabinet workshop, one thing is for certain - you depend on the best, most precise cutting tools that deliver superior quality finish with a long cutting life.

Freud innovation

Freud manufacturing strength positions the company as the industry leader in innovation. Freud consistently evolves the market with new features that extends the life of the product while enhancing its performance. Some of these Freud exclusive features include: TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide, Perma-SHIELD® Non-Stick Coating, Tri-Metal Brazing, and Quadra-Cut™ 4-Cutter design.

Freud’s Industry Leading Innovations include:

  • TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide
  • Premium Coatings – The first saw blade manufacturer that had 100% coated saw blades offering and featuring the Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Tri-Metal Brazing
  • Anti-kickback Design
  • 100% Laser Cut
  • Complex Tooth Geometries
  • Dial-A-Width – Shim-less Dado
  • Heat-forged Steel Router
  • Quadra-Cut™ 4 Cutter Design
  • Double-Grind™ Straight Bit Design
  • Patented Adjustable Tongue & Groove
  • Extended Tenon Patented System
  • Interior & Exterior Door System
  • Automatic Diameter Recovery (ADR) System (patented ISOPROFIL system)

Freud and Timbecon

Whether you are an enthusiast, a fine woodworker or a production cabinet workshop, one thing is for certain - you depend on the best, most precise cutting tools that deliver superior quality finish with a long cutting life.

Freud take to heart the time, money and creativity that you dedicate to each woodworking project. That’s why their philosophy is to consistently strive for perfection in cutting tool performance. Freud meticulously analyses every detail of the woodworker’s needs and requirements - enabling them to design and produce superior tailored solutions. The level of precision that goes into each cutting tool is unprecedented in the industry. Each product is carefully crafted using the best materials, leading innovative designs, and the most sophisticated manufacturing process. Every product is specifically designed for superior performance and maximum life. Just like you take pride in your projects, Freud take pride in their product, so you receive the best cutting performance every time.

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