The ultimate guide to green wood spoon carving

Hand Tools

In this video shot by Australian Wood Review, Greg Miller, West Australian woodworker and woodwork teacher, talks about the benefits of carving spoons from green wood. He then goes on to illustrate basic shaping techniques using spoon carving tools and knives.

Note: They shot this at the Sydney Timber & Working Wood Show in June, 2015, when Greg was demonstrating these and other traditional woodworking techniques on the Timbecon stand. We only discovered there was a lot of background noise on the video when it was too late to redo it. If this will offend you then please don't watch the video! We decided to run the video anyway because there's lots of good information in it, for example after 4 minutes you can see techniques of using hook and sloyd knives.

Greg Miller also writes on spoon carving in green wood in the September issue (#88) of Wood Review so you can learn from his experience there.

Learn more about Greg on his website. The Mora tools he's using are available from us. For more info on this and other great woodworking, go to the Australian Wood Review website.